Friday, August 22, 2008

Paint Out - "Out & About Norfolk 2008"

This event is in its 2nd year . . .
and 2007 was wonderful !
60 Artists participated - 40 Paintings sold -
Just under 400 attended the packed-out reception and sale!

Please consider visiting Norfolk, VA this fall and painting with us!

Announcing Artist Sign-Ups for "Out & About Norfolk 2008"
2nd Annual Norfolk VA Paint Out. November 13th - 15th.
Presented by Karen Kinser & The Studios at Monticello.
Artists will be "out and about" painting within the city limits of
Norfolk, Virginia for 2 full days. "WET PAINTING SALE"
and (fabulous) RECEPTION" will be held Saturday evening!

2007's "1st Annual " received rave reviews, from artists, the media
and art clientele. 2008 is aiming to be even better!
Generous Artist Amenities, Awards & Sales. Over $5000 in Purchase
and Cash Awards were presented in 2007.

'Hope you can join us!
Registration fee: 35.00 per artist
More information and downloadable registration forms on website.
Info: Karen Kinser 757 286 6210 /

Karen Kinser / Artist-Organizer
757 286 6210

Friday, August 08, 2008

Worldwide Paint-Out

International Plein Air Painters are organizing a worldwide paint-out for September 5th, 6th and 7th. Check their website to sign up. It's free. And since you'll probably be out painting anyway, it will be nice to know that other plein air painters (in Canada, Belgium, etc) will be participating in the same paint-out. There's also a link to click for purchasing a "Worldwide Paint-Out" t-shirt. Their site is

In North Georgia, there will be a paint-out that weekend at the annual "Battle of Tunnel Hill". All plein air painters are invited to attend. For more information, please contact BJ Wright at

Monday, August 04, 2008

Children's Art Classes - Monroe, Georgia

From: Rosemarie Handy
Subject: Children's Thur and Fri Classes at Wild Child Arts
Date: Friday, August 1, 2008, 5:14 PM

Please sign-up 2 days before the class begins, so that we will have enought supplies for the children.

Let your friends know about Wild Child Arts.

Please sign-up 2 days before the class begins, so that we will have enought supplies for the children.

Let your friends know about Wild Child Arts.

Wild Child Arts After School Program begins July 31, 2008.
The program begins at 4pm and ends at 6pm on Thursday and Fridays.
Children should bring a snack.
Our program is designed to teach art but also to
incorporate reading, history, science, music and culture into the program.
Cost: 20.00 per Day which includes supplies.
There will be times that we ask the children to bring things from home
( boxes, cans, pictures, t-shirts, etc.)
So let's get ready to have FUN!!!!

Folk Art (August)
We will take a multicultural look at folk art from Mexico and other countries. By incorporating modern papermaking techniques,
Students will incorporate radial designs or animal motifs inspired from indigenous art. Also, we will look at famous folk artists like
Howard Finster and create garden stepping stones made from concrete and found/recycled objects.
Thanks for all your support.

Rose Handy
120 N Wayne Street
Monroe Georgia 30655
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 6pm

Artist Advocate Magazine

The Benefits for Artists Considering Artist Advocate Magazine

Dear Artist:

We've been sending you information about how to connect to additional
galleries though our publication Artist Advocate Magazine. I'd like to
make you aware of four new things:

1. Change of Design to Look Higher-End:
We've changed the design of the magazine to reflect a higher-quality,
upper-class image. I think you'll like it. Its' clean and it does not
place any text on the cover image, which is the same approach we take with
another of our art magazines.

2. Digital Offering to Give You Increased Reach:
We will be producing a digital copy of the magazine. Its pages will flip
just like a real magazine, but, unlike a real magazine, the reader can
click on your listing and be taken to your website. You'll receive a
digital copy with your listing that you can e-mail to others. The digital
copy will also be e-mailed to the gallery list AND will be housed on our

3. Welcoming Estates, Framers, and Services to Galleries:
A gallery we spoke to suggested that many galleries and art consultants
handle the estates of artists and are often seeking additional galleries
to represent the artworks. We welcome advertising for estates.
Additionally, we welcome anyone seeking to reach art galleries, including
framers, lighting companies, and other services to the gallery industry.

4. View New Video About the Magazine:
We have produced a new video and posted it online to answer some of your
questions about the magazine. Click below to view it.

We have produced a new video to answer some of your questions about the
magazine. Go to to watch.

5. Online Buying Is Now Enabled:
It's easy to buy. Simply click here, pick your ad size, and most of your
work is done.

Everyone wants to be in the inaugural issue. What about you? Book your
listing ASAP. Contact Linda Osborne ( or
Jaye Alison Moscariello ( Also, if you
have artist friends who might not be aware of this new publication, you
may wish to forward this to them.

- Artist Advocate helps artists find galleries to represent them by
sending your listing to 6,500 galleries selling originals, U.S. and
- Artist Advocate is sent to art licensing and art publishing executives
to make the people who produce calendars and posters aware of your work.
- Artist Advocate highlights your work, your story, and your contact
- Artist Advocate is affordable, with half-page, full-page, and multi-page
spreads available.
- Artist Advocate is for Traditional and Contemporary artists.

Order at
Or go to to see a PDF brochure.

Eric Rhoads
Artist Advocate Magazine

P.S.: You won't want to miss being listed in the inaugural issue. Not only
will it see special attention from the 6,500 galleries and art publishers
who see it, you'll be grandfathered in for the inaugural rate if you
continue in other issues. (The second you stop, you lose the inaugural
rate advantage).

Streamline Publishing Inc.
224 Datura St., Ste. 1015
West Palm Beach, FL 33401