Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pastel Workshop

Greetings Artist Friends,

I will have the pleasure of hosting pastel artist Kippy Hammond ( ) at Historic Mill Studio in Greensboro, Ga. in April if there is enough interest. Below is information about Kippy and outline of one of her pastel exploration laboratories. Please pass this on to others you know who may be interested and art guild members and/or add to your calendar/newsletter of events. I will be coordinating with her this week if it looks like we have enough to reserve her. She will be in the States during April and has given me the first opportunity to host her. We will be negotiating registration fee, date, and number of days, once I hear from those interested. Once the date is set I will send registration, dates, registration and materials fees and will register in order of receipt of deposit. This workshop is suitable for debutante through advanced students in pastel. When you reply please let me know the following:

1. Your level of experience with pastels : advanced, intermediate, debutante

2. Are you interested in two, three or four days?

3. Are in interested in laboratory workshop, en plein air/composition workshop or both.

4. From where will you be traveling?__________________

Historic Mill Studio is in Greensboro, Ga. and is approximately 70 miles east of Atlanta, 70 miles west of Augusta, and 30 miles south of Athens. 40 miles north of Milledgeville, and 60 miles north east of Macon. Accommodations are available.


Kippy Hammond presently resides in France for the majority of the year, completing commissioned work from clientele in the U.S. and Europe , and painting the French countryside. Kippy will guide you through a pastel “laboratory” where you can experience a variety of surfaces and techniques. Expand your current boundaries by using under paintings, turpentine wash, and watercolor wash, combined with dry pastel. The purpose of this workshop is to experiment and experience a wide variety of papers and techniques-----you will take with you a fresh perspective and ideas to incorporate into your own work.

Kippy Hammond is a native Georgian pastel artist who has been recognized in numerous exhibitions and solo shows receiving state, regional, and international awards. She was the guest of honor for the first Salon International de Pastel Exposition a Vernon en Normandie in 2002 and represented France in the 2003 Europastel Exposition in Italy and Russia . She is a signature member of the Southeastern Pastel Society and a founding member of the Atlantic Coastline Artist Guild. Ms Hammond is represented by Monty Stabler Galleries in Birmingham , AL and Ann Jacob Gallery in Highlands NC.


2-Day workshop with Kippy Hammond at Historic Mill Studio in Greensboro, Ga.

This two day laboratory workshop is designed for the students to explore:

various types of pastels and supports available to the pastelists;
various approaches in expanding the boundaries of pastels, using under-paintings of turpentine wash, watercolor, and oil wash;
different "touches" used in application that can only be acquired by experimentation
The class has two segments:

Laboratory stations, featuring different supports and types of pastels, where all the students can experiment the different “touch and feel” of these materials and the effect of application.
Instructional segment incorporates demonstration, lecture, and individual assistance for each student
The instructional part of the workshop would be divided as follows:

First day 9-12 AM - Introduction, demonstration of underpainting with turpentine wash, preparation of hard boards to be used on2nd day.

First Day 2-5 PM - Students will start and complete painting on Ersta sanded paper with turpentine wash.

2nd Day 9-12 AM - Quick demo of watercolor underpainting on Wallis paper, students will start and complete painting on Wallis paper

2nd Day 2-5 PM - Students will start and complete still life on sanded boards prepared on first day.

If there is interest I will add an optional one or two days for composition and en plein aire workshop.

The size formats will be kept very small in order to push through the painting schedule so students can get a complete idea of how the different pastel projects build and layer.

It is emphasized that this workshop is for the student to experiment and explore. The students should not anticipate producing a painting to be complete, signed, and framed. (There are, however, usually some very fine paintings that come out of this, but I will reiterate that the time they spend with me is to gain some knowledge of the different approaches to working with pastel and to try and master these approaches after the workshop.)

All supplies will be furnished by Kippy and students will pay materials fee ( I will give you that information as soon as I know).

Nan T. McGarity

Historic Mill Studio

Greensboro, Ga.

770 957 5023

770 294 5833

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a Tifton, Georgia native and am very interested in the workshop. I enjoy pastels very much. I would like to know more about the workshop. I have been working with pastels for over 10 years and have always admired Kippy's work.