Thursday, February 07, 2008

Traditional Artists Roster

Notice to all
Georgia Traditional Artists
& their supporters
Georgia Council for the Arts presents
Traditional Artists Roster

The Traditional Artists Roster is an adjudicated listing of qualified Georgia traditional artists. These traditions must be grounded in history and tied to a specific culture that is resident in Georgia, and is a traditional expression of a culture maintained and communicated between groups of people who share a common thread. Individual Georgia artists and/or artist groups in all traditional arts disciplines are eligible to apply. The Traditional Artists Rosters purpose is to increase visibility and booking opportunities for Georgia's traditional artists. GCA promotes and markets the Traditional Artists Roster publication and provides grant support to hire GCA-certified traditional artists.

Guidelines & Applications

Application Deadline
March 3, 2008

for more information contact:

Brandy Klopp
Traditional Arts Manager
Georgia Council for the Arts
260 14th Street
Suite 401
Atlanta GA 32318

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